7 Crowdfunding Gadgets You Need For Your Home

Quite a few people have benefited from crowdfunding throughout the years, but those who create a unique type of gadget seems to be at the top of the list. In the past, it would be difficult for a person to get the proper amount of funding for an idea. The Internet makes it a lot easier, and some have really taken off in popularity.

This is certainly not a complete list, but here are seven crowdfunding gadgets that everyone at InventureX has really found interesting.

Baubax 2.0 – The world’s best travel jacket

A travel jacket might not seem like something that is needed, but after reading more about Baubax 2.0, it is definitely worth investing in. They were able to raise just under $4 million in a short amount of time, and the affordable jacket continues to be in high demand.

FinalStraw – The collapsible, reusable straw

Straws continue to be a hot topic these days, and people are looking for ways to reduce plastic garbage floating around in water. Final straw is a very portable, reusable option that people can carry with them everywhere. No one is forced to give up the convenience of using a straw.

AlpinerX – Outdoors smartwatch

The smartwatch industry has really taken off in the last few years, and the AlpinerX has capitalized on the market. At least, in the eyes of people who spend a lot of times outdoors. Designed for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, it is worth checking out.

Plexus Wheel+ – Simple back pain relief

The device, which comes in three sizes, really helps to keep a person’s back happy and healthy. Anyone who has dealt with even minor back pain knows how debilitating it can be to struggle through.

Moment – Anamorphic lens

Plenty of companies have shown off how easy it is to shoot a professional looking video on a smartphone. For those who want to make their smartphone a little bit easier to use for movie quality recording, Moment is the gadget to try out. It easily attaches to a smartphone, giving a person access to an anamorphic lens.

Smart Belt 2.0 – Adjustable belt

A wearable gadget? The belt solves a very common problem, and people were eager to eat it up. With over 14,000 backers in just 60 days, it exploded onto the scene, and now they are still in high demand. A person no longer has to worry about fluctuating in sizes.

Footloose – Self-cleaning litter box

Cleaning up after a cat can be a tedious job, even if they keep a clean litter box. Footloose helps make life easier (and smelling fresher). Cats also seem to love being able to step in and out with added levels of privacy.

Cycling Power Meter – Smart bicycle device

This little gadget is very helpful for anyone who spends time riding a bike. By getting feedback throughout the ride, a person can make adjustments and push themselves to new speeds.

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