4 Unique Kickstarter Campaigns Launched In 2020

InventureXKickstarter campaigns can help entrepreneurs launch their ideas, no matter how big, small, unique, or unusual. In fact, unique ideas may even be more successful thanks to Kickstarter campaigns, because they can generate viral traction online, and global attention, leading to fundraising from all over the world.

What is a Kickstarter Campaign?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, which helps entrepreneurs fund their ideas. Tens of thousands of people have been able to crowdfund their projects by launching campaigns on Kickstarter. Kickstarter has a massive reach: since 2009, 17 million people have backed a project on the website.  We’re only in the beginning of 2020, but some unique ideas are already taking off, with the help of successful Kickstarter campaigns. Let’s take a look at 4 unique campaigns, launched in 2020.

  1. Orba

Orba is a musical instrument, built for your hands, that shattered its Kickstarter goals. More than 9,000 backers pledged more than $1 million for the device. The new kind of musical instrument is a synth, looper, and MIDI controller, that lets anyone make music in the palm of their hand, even if they’ve never played music before. The unique project shattered its goals of raising $50,000.

  1. Chamberlain’s new album

Indianapolis-based band Chamberlain is showing how Kickstarter campaigns can help artists and creatives achieve financial freedom. The roots of the band go back to 1991. They reunited in the spring of 2009, for what was supposed to be a short-lived reunion, but instead reunited for the long haul. The group is now working on a new record, but is honest about the financial limitations they’re experiencing. But the band says, launching a Kickstarter campaign is allowing them to make their album on their own terms.

  1. TENMO coffee mug

Coffee drinkers looking for an out-of-this world experience, this one’s for you.This coffee cup is made from Tenmoku porcelain, which dates back to 1,000 years ago. The unique mugs look like a galaxy is inside them, and no two are alike. The project was aiming to raise about $7,000, but more than 1,000 backers have pledged more than $100,000 for these unique and rare mugs.

  1. Flash Forest: drones planting trees

This Canadian drone reforestation project is certainly unique. It modifies drones to fire rapidly germinating tree seeds into the soil, transforming the reforestation process. For every dollar pledged, one tree is pledged as well. The project is doing so well on Kickstarter, the venture has even changed it’s goals, because of how successful it has been. Initially it was looking to raise about $7,000, and so far it has raised more than $60,000.

Before you launch your Kickstarter campaign

You may be inspired by these unique success stories to launch your own Kickstarter campaign. The truth is, launching a successful campaign is difficult, and challenging. InventureX is the #1 crowdfunding agency, known for its ability to launch ideas to Kickstarter success. In fact, it’s already launched more than 350 ideas since it was founded in 2012. InventureX has partnered with an original “Shark” from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington. 86% of entrepreneurs who partner with InventureX hit or surpass their desired goals. You can submit your idea for a free funding review, to see if InventureX can help your crowdfunding dreams become a reality.


Have a Great Idea? 3 Ways Crowdfunding Provides Leverage for Entrepreneurs

3 Ways Crowdfunding Provides Leverage for Entrepreneurs

As leaders in the crowdfunding field, InventureX has utilized their skills to help over 350 clients reach the funding goals. It’s through this experience that InventureX has gained their insight into the power of crowdfunding. Whether you’re looking to fund a current venture or begin a new endeavor, crowdfunding has been used to raise hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars for products, companies, and services around the world.

InventureX knows that crowdfunding has made formulating and funding a project possible for many who might not have pursued it otherwise. This has changed the game for modern businesses looking to gain traction when looking to acquire more financial backing. While crowdfunding is an innovative approach for these modern businesses, it’s important to know what to expect to ensure the effectiveness of your campaign. Do you have a great idea? Here are 3 ways crowdfunding provides leverage for entrepreneurs.

Business Insight

When developing your new ideas, it’s important to convey your progress step-by-step. While communicating the process’ steps might have seemed mundane before, crowdfunding platforms have proven that they’re communication is the most effective tool to a successful campaign. Crowdfunding sites have created a platform where you can communicate your endeavors process and success as it happens to your audience and potential future investors.

Audience Expansion

The invention of crowdfunding is one that was aimed to bring consumers and producers together. It’s through this process that crowdfunding has created a space for demands to be met with a supply that wasn’t otherwise there, funded by those that want it. This process was made even more evolutionary in its mere existence on the world wide web, where these conversations are being held around the globe and right at our fingertips. While funding business endeavors used to be limited to banks, lenders, and other large contributors, crowdfunding has created a process in which supporters from every continent can also be investors. Through this, brand’s audiences have transitioned from domestic to international through modern technology.

Tangible Support

While many entrepreneurs have support going into their new endeavors, crowdfunding has allowed this support to be tangible. By creating an outlet to provide financial backing, projects that may have never taken off can now excel through the donations of family, friends, and supporters who believe in the venture. By seeing these supporters as investors, they can be provided with more insight and personal gain out of the success of your product! It’s through this mutual pride in your goals that a culture of sharing begins and can transition a successful campaign into an overnight success.

Technology has truly changed the game in how businesses are run in today’s society. Without a doubt, crowdfunding has become one of the most important advancements for how entrepreneurs get their projects going.

With experience in crowdfunding for a variety of clients, InventureX knows that the resource can provide leverage for entrepreneurs. However, it takes skill and strategy to get the most out of the unique process. However, with a successful campaign, your project can become reality all with the help of your supporters! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more crowdfunding tips!


BarxBuddy Pet Trainer: The Biggest Secret in Dog Training Revealed

BarxBuddy Dog Training Device
Choosing to add a dog to your family is a big decision. But most dog owners find that they need to make another big decision: how to train their dog. While some pet owners turn to outside lessons, or techniques they learned online, many are now discovering one of the best-kept secrets in dog training. A device called BarxBuddy is making training from home easier than ever, and many people are only now learning how life changing it can be.

BarxBuddy: Exploding in Popularity

BarxBuddy Pet Trainer is a handy device that is transforming dog training from home, and it’s simple to use. When your pup starts acting up, you can approach them with the BarxBuddy. When you click the button, it will emit a high-pitched sound, not detectable to humans. It’s not harmful to animals, but usually gets their attention. This is a great time to train them, by having them sit. Once your dog is sitting, you can take a few moments to make sure they’re calm. There’s also an LED light, to help you get their attention. Once your dog is calm, you can reinforce the training with a treat or some praise.

Portable Training, On the Go

One of the things that makes the BarxBuddy so popular is how portable and handy it is. The device fits in your pocket, so it’s great to take on walks or trips. Keeping it close by is important, so that you’re ready for when you furry family member starts exhibiting some behavior you’re looking to work on. You can keep it in your pocket, purse, backpack, or somewhere in your home for easy use.

An Affordable Alternative

Typical dog training classes can cost families hundreds of dollars. Adding a dog to your family is already expensive. Vet bills, food, and accessories are just some of the expenses that owners have to undertake. Pricey behavioral classes may not work, once you take your dog back home, and have no support to reinforce the behavior. The BarxBuddy makes training from home affordable, and allows owners to be in control of the process from start to finish.

Safety First

Besides being an incredible tool for training, the BarxBuddy Pet Trainer is also great for people who are keeping their safety in mind. If an aggressive dog approaches you or your dog while you’re on a walk, you can use your BarxBuddy to help protect yourself.

The Best-Kept Secret

BarxBuddy is revolutionizing the typical methods of dog training, and allowing pet owners to take control of the process from the comfort of their own homes. It makes sense that many dog owners are finally discovering the BarxBuddy, and using it to transform theirs and their dogs lives. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see how BarxBuddy is transforming the lives of many dog owners!


4 Easy Steps For Launching Your First Crowdfunding Campaign

Steps in Launching Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding has become a new phenomenon in modern economics. Many business ideas rely on crowdfunding to gather the initial necessary capital to start their businesses. Some businesses use crowdfunding to improve their already existing company or product.

InventureX has helped many different individuals with their crowdfunding campaigns. Our approach to crowdfunding is an interesting system that allows crowdfunding campaigns to be more effective and thereby more successful through marketing and promoting them properly.

Transforming Your Ideas Into Long-Term, Sustainable Businesses

It takes effort to turn ideas into businesses. Most of the time the initial idea that starts a business is not the business that gets implemented and grows. Turning these ideas into businesses take careful consideration and effort. The objective goal should be to make a business a long-term business that is sustainable.

Modifying your ideas to make your idea a long-term sustainable business can change the nature of your idea altogether, but you will have an idea that can be turned into a business.

That is the first step to starting your crowdfunding campaign. Tailor making your idea to display a reliable business rather than a raw idea.

​Developing Marketing Content

Marketing contents are the most important part of any crowdfunding campaign. It is the way of delivering the message to the users that are potentially interested in what you are offering.

Ensuring that the content is delivering the message that you are trying to convey is a task that needs to be done to launch your crowdfunding campaign.

Hard to understand materials can cause confusion and therefore, hurt the results of your crowdfunding campaign.

Identifying Target Audiences

Whether it is a product that is trying to be sold, or a service that is being offered, hitting the right audience can be crucial in determining the faith of your crowdfunding campaign. With the help of experts at InventureX, who experience in the crowdfunding market is as much as the age of industry itself, it can help you identify your target audience.

Delivering the right marketing content to the right audience is another key step to launching your first crowdfunding campaign.

It is important to identify who your product would appeal to the most and find a way to provide them with the essentials of your marketing content to deliver your message to them to resonate.

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​Getting Backers From The Crowdfunding Community

Once the easy steps above have been done it is time to get backers. Some of these backers can be found on crowdfunding communities that are contributing part of crowdfunding campaigns on routine-basis.

Making your product and services appealing to these communities can help determine the faith of your crowdfunding campaign. The business idea, the marketing contents, that is being delivered to your target audience needs to resonate with the members of the crowdfunding communities in order to be effective the most.

We can help you find the best solution for your crowdfunding campaign today so please reach out on Facebook and Twitter if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

InventureX Weirdest Crowdfunding Campaigns by Kickstater

The Weirdest Kickstarter Campaigns of All Time (Successfully Funded!)

With so many different opportunities for crowdfunding campaigns out there, it’s a bit surprising to some to see what has been funded. It goes to show what some creativity and marketing can do to reach certain levels. At InventureX, people can learn a lot about crowdfunding opportunities, but usually, it is hard to predict what weird campaigns work.

Some of these companies easily surpassed their original funding goals, and it led to some pretty amazing final results. How did they reach their goals? Read on to learn more.

Potato salad

I'm making potato salad.

This was one of the first kickstarter campaigns to go viral and show the power of crowdfunding online. Potato salad is something that seems very simple, and the person behind it started the campaign wanting just a few dollars to make his recipe.

When it was over, he raised around $55,000, and thousands of backers were throwing money his way. To have fun with the idea, he threw a huge potato salad party, and enjoyed his temporary fame for creating something that went viral.

A huge head of Lionel Richie

In the United Kingdom, a few people tried to put money together to create a giant head of Lionel Richie for a music festival. It was meant to be an inflatable sculpture that was more of a joke than anything, but it turned into something pretty cool.

With the extra money they raised in surpassing their original goal, they could put a telephone inside of it that played his song, Hello. It ended up being one of the true highlights of the music festival, and other people have tried to emulate the set up with others as well.

Edible cups

After having a nice drink, the people behind edible cups figured it would be a good idea to consume the cup the liquid was in. It may not be for everyone, but this wasn’t that crazy of an idea when it all came together.

It was referred to as jelloware, and it added a little bit of flavor to every person‘s drink as well. After raising over $10,000, they were created and enjoyed by a lot of people, even if it looks weird doing it in public. The good thing was the cup was designed to be great for the environment, and eliminate waste.

A game called poop

It's a Kids' Game! It's a Drinking Game! Just not a Kids' Drinking Game.

It seems impossible to think that a card game named poop would have any type of success. Maybe the name was eye-catching enough that people decided to throw money that way. They more than doubled their original goal of $4500, and the card game became a reality.

The originality of the game is nothing too crazy, but it’s more of a novelty to anything. It’s also a very cheap card game to buy, so a lot of people buy them as gag gifts or something similar. They deserve a lot of credit for coming up with an idea that might not seem that interesting on paper, but a lot of people bought into it.

InventureX Shares Successful Kickstarter Projects
Crowdfunding, InventureX News

The 5 Most Successful Kickstarter Projects Of All Time (What They Did Right)

A success story in crowdfunding is something that every single person is striving for. At InventureX, we are always studying what the most successful campaigns decided to do to achieve their success.

Below is a closer look at five of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time. It’s not only intriguing to see what type of product had success, but what they did right to gain so much attention.

Pebble Time Smartwatch

Smartwatches are pretty common these days, but a few years ago, it wasn’t exactly the case. Pebble Time came in at a trending time, and they provided an affordable smartwatch without having to force consumers to sacrifice anything.

A good take away from this is that they improved on what was already a trending piece of technology, and came in at an affordable price point. It left a lot of consumers feeling like they were being included instead of becoming priced out.

Exploding Kittens

This is a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.

Card games are always going to make an appearance during get-togethers at a person’s house, or game nights in general. What the creators of exploding kittens discovered is that a lot of card games were becoming stale. Instead of adding new, exciting games to the mix, most people were playing the same traditional options.

Exploding Kittens was the right type of weird, a good price that was affordable enough for nearly anyone, and they spend a lot of time marketing well. Once it started to gain traction, no one wanted to be left out. $8 million later, and this game literally exploded.

Reading Rainbow

Related image

Anyone who is of a certain age remembers watching Reading Rainbow on television. Created by LeVar Burton, who also starred in the show, there was a chance that an entire generation would miss out on all the books, videos and more without a crowdfunding campaign stepping in.

This is another crowdfunding campaign that relied heavily on social media helping its cause. There were over 100,000 backers in a short amount of time, and they raised over $5 million to make a dream into a reality. With different levels of pledging, it was very easy for people to get involved and feel like they were contributing.

Coolest Cooler

Image result for coolest cooler

Just about every person on the planet can benefit from a cooler, but what Coolest Cooler did is take an old idea and really improve it in an exciting way. They modernized the cooler in a lot of ways, providing a built-in ice crushing blender, a speaker, a built-in USB charger and more. It’s gone up a little bit in price since it released, but it is still a hot product because of its versatility.

Travel Jacket

Finally, this is another crowdfunding campaign that did very well because it provided something useful to a lot of people. By solving the problem of having a true, catch-all option, people felt very comfortable traveling at all hours of the day.

This Travelling Jacket can charge a phone, provide neck support, cover the eyes, protect important documents and more. Priced competitively, it took off, and continues to get rave reviews to this day.

Avoid Crowdfunding Failure

InventureX On Three Reasons Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail And How To Avoid Them

Crowdfunding, to a lot of people, sounds almost too good to be true. There are a number of crowdfunding success stories out there that we at InventureX have been a part of, that is why we have received countless of glowing feedbacks from our clients, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to raise money.

Instead of highlighting only the positives, here are a few reasons why crowdfunding campaigns might not work out as planned. It’s up to each individual to do whatever possible to avoid these fails and set themselves up for success.

Setting the tone early

It might be tempting to jump right into launching a crowdfunding campaign, but proper preparation is needed to have success. It is very important to land those initial backers, because that will help the campaign grow in time.

Studies show that once a crowdfunding campaign reaches about 20% of their goal, it has an 80% chance of successfully funding the project. Getting that first 20% is all about creating good buzz, having great marketing and just being prepared to go.

Don’t overlook reward programs

A rewards program isn’t going to necessarily make or break a crowdfunding campaign, but it certainly helps to have one that people are impressed with. Give those early investors some added incentive to part with their money now. This is an investment that could take months or even years for them to see all the way through. They deserve something, and it’s a great way to create some additional marketing along the way.

While it’s important to have rewards for those early backers, it helps to have added bonuses along the way when certain goals are met. This keeps everyone involved, and no one feels like they are missing out because they are investing late. Those late backers are going to be the difference between a mildly successful crowdfunding campaign, and one that is very successful.

Provide quick, direct answers

No matter how much a person plans for the perfect crowdfunding campaign, they are not going to have all the answers to questions people might have initially. That is why it is important to listen to feedback in the beginning, and adjust appropriately.

Think of ways to answer the questions very directly and quickly so that it builds trust between you and the backers. If someone is talking in circles, it might seem like they are not being truthful and upfront with their current situation.

Bonus tip: create your own luck

One common thing that we hate to hear is when someone labels a crowdfunding campaign as lucky. While there is a little bit of luck that goes into any business in general, most people create their own luck when it comes to having success.

This means working hard, planning properly, putting in the effort during the campaign and ultimately fulfilling all the promises. It’s a lot of hard work, but crowdfunding campaigns still have plenty of value. Just take the time to be very solid all around, and there will be no need to rely on luck.